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Propane Tank Options

We provide a variety of options to suit your propane needs.

To your preference, we can place your tank above ground, or we can bury it out of site underground. Auxier Gas' trained technicians can help determine what alternative is best for you. 

Because propane gas is nontoxic, it's not harmful to soil or water. The placement of propane tanks either above or below the ground is very safe for the environment, never producing significant acid rain contaminants, unlike coal-fired, electricity-generating facilities.

Inspections Services

We care about your family's safety.

Our underground tank testing detects corrosion before it becomes a danger to you and your family. We also perform a GAS Check©, searching for leaks and checking appliances and systems in your home, for your family's safety.

Establish Service

Fill out the order form or call 513.724.7700 for service

Please fill out the order form below, making sure to note the current percentage your tank is filled. This information will be sent directly to our Batavia office, where a representative will receive your order and call to confirm.

Or, if you would rather speak to someone over the phone, call our offices at 513.724.7700. We would be happy to help you determine the right propane program for you and your family.

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